Security Information

The address of the conference venue is:

The Zinman College for Exercise and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Netanya, 42902

Phone # 972-9-863-9222
The Wingate Institute is located just outside of Netanya, so it is not within a populated urban area and therefore not a target area for any dangerous activities.


There are several accommodations available which are listed on our site:

The last one on the list is the Wingate Institute Hotel which is located on the College campus (same address as above; Phone # 972-9-863-9580). If you choose to stay on campus, no travel to and from the venue is necessary as the hotel is walking distance. It should be noted however that the Wingate Hotel is very modest and is similar to a student dormitory room. The hotels available in the city of Netanya are of higher standards. A bus shuttle service will be available every morning from Netanya hotels to the conference venue and back at the end of each day.
Also travel from the airport to participants’ hotels will be organized and a taxi service with whom the conference works on a regular basis will provide the service. Participants are responsible for returning to the airport independently (whether by bus, train or taxi).

During the guided tour an armed guard will accompany the participants. The Zinman College where the conference is taking place is a structure which meets all the required Israeli safety standards including shelters. A security guard is regularly stationed at the entry to the college building.

We understand the concern and the need for precautions which we take very seriously. For this reason Israel, in general, and the Zinman College in particular, takes high security measures (including security guards in public places, entry to train stations, etc.). At the same time, in general, Israel is a very safe country and we hope you will be able to come and enjoy the sea and the sun along with the professional conference, as have many participants to our former conferences have done.


If you have further questions or need any assistance, please contact: