Rarick Lecture

Rarick Lecture

Professor G. L. Rarick

Professor G. L. Rarick is considered by many as one of the most prominent APA researcher ever. Rarick completed a series of research studies, so large and ambitious as to scare most of us, their scale and complexity was most impressive. Those studies have provided the field with classic baseline data across performance levels, gender, and ability structures. With participants who had Down syndrome, or learning disabilities, or mild or moderate intellectual disability, his work shed light on typical and atypical performance expectations and had significant programmatic implications. The information gained has helped shape US Federal and State Laws and Regulations, as well as our thinking and practice. APA lost an outstanding scholar with his passing in 1995. IFAPA Board decided to celebrate G. L. Rarick’s accomplishments with a biennial Memorial Lecture presented by an outstanding scholar from within or beyond the APA field of study during each of the International Symposia of Adapted Physical Activity.

Previous Rarick Memorial Lecturers were presented by

Dr. Roy Shephard 1999

Dr. Sheila Henderson 2001

Dr. A.E. (Ted) Wall 2003

Dr. Alain Varray 2005

Dr.  Carlos Eduardo Negrão 2007

Dr. Michael Bar-Eli 2009

Dr. James Rimmer 2011

Dr. Greg Reid 2013