The Elly D. Friedmann Award

תמונה אלי פרידמן

The award recognizes longstanding international leadership to the field of adapted physical activity. 

The Elly D. Friedmann Award for Outstanding Adapted Physical Activity Contributions was established in 1989 by Dr. Gudrun DollTepper, Professor, Free University Berlin, in memory of her close friend and colleague, Dr. Elly D. Friedmann, Founder and Director of the State Teachers College of Physical Education at Beer‑Sheva, Israel.

Elly D. Friedmann’s early life was spent in Berlin, Heidelberg, Basle, where she studied philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy as well as physical education and dance. She received her Ph.D. degree magna sum laude from the University of Basle, Switzerland, in 1934 and shortly thereafter immigrated to Israel.

Dr. Friedmann’s early and abiding interest lay in system and approaches to movement that stressed the integrated relationship of mind, body and soul. Influenced greatly by Rudolf Laban, she introduced Modem Educational Gymnastics and Dance into the Israeli school system and became the world’s leading researcher on movement education as a means of rehabilitating and integrating culturally deprived children.

Dr. Friedmann published frequently in English and Gerrnan but her best known book is entitled, Rudolf Laban, Fredric M Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais‑Pioneers of Awareness Through Movement Experience : Three Essays. The work of these pioneers encompassed yoga, Zen, Tai‑Chi, other arts of the Far East, Greek philosophy, and Gestalt psychology. Elly Friedmann extended these ideas to pedagogy, didactics and theatre training, thereby broadening our perspectives in both regular and adapted physical education.

According to her husband Ernst, Elly’s life and contributions are reflected in her favorite quotation from Plato, “We don’t educate through knowledge alone, but through passionate enthusiasm and inspiration as possessed… only one passionately possessed can light the flame and produce a long line of possessed”.

Past Recipients

1991 Claudine Sherrill (USA)

1993 Ernst J. Kiphard (Germany)

1995 Inge Morisbak (Norway)

1997 Julian U. Stein (USA)

1999 Atara Sherman (Israel)

2001 Kurt-Alphons Jochheim (Germany)

2003 Kyonosuke Yabe (Japan) & Yang Ja

Hong (Korea)

2005 Josef Lev (Israel)

2007 Herman Van Coppenolle(Belgium)

2009 Hana Valkova Valkova (Czech)

2011 Hideo Nakata (Japan)

2013 Karen DePauw (USA )



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