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Shuttle service from airport to hotels will be provided at several times (T.B.A)


Most business establishments in Israel accept only New Israeli Shekels (NIS). Currency exchange points are available and usually offer a better rate than banks.

ATM machines are also widely available and most commonly used credit cards can be used to draw cash in Israeli currency or for paying services at hotels, stores etc.


If you have arranged shuttle service with us from the Ben-Gurion Airport, when you come out of baggage claim and customs, you will enter a reception area where our driver will be waiting for you, carrying a 2015 ISAPA sign. If you are arriving at a date other than June 10 or 11, or wish to arrange travel back to the airport, the following travel options are available:

Train from Ben-Gurion Airport to Beit Yehoshua (near Wingate and Netanya) (about $8 per person)

Israel Railways

Bus (about $9 per person):

Egged Bus System



Taxi (about $60-$70, depending on time of day)

If you wish to order a taxi in advance: Avi – 050-790-6033 (Night); Yakov – 050-422-0226 (Day)

Service cabs:

If you are interested in travelling within Israel during your stay, there is also a service cab service available, which is similar to a bus, but picks up only up to 10-12 passengers at any time. It stops or lets off passengers wherever they wish on its route (See picture below)



In Israel, the electric current is between 110-220 Hz. If you are bringing devices with a different electric current, we suggest you bring a universal adaptor.

In order to prevent any computer complications, we strongly urge all participants to send us their power point presentations ahead of time, so we can upload these in advance and check that they can be uploaded on our system. If you are using any other technological tools or video clips, we suggest you send these to us in advance to check on our system as well. No materials you send us will be made public without your consent. Please send materials to

There will be a presentation preparation room during the conference and our Information Technology staff will assist participants in uploading their presentations during registration if these have not been sent in advance.


Friday is considered a half day in Israel and most business establishments close at about 15:00 until Saturday at sundown (about 19:00-20:00). Some restaurants and cafes are open (especially in Tel-Aviv) and kosher restaurants are closed.

There is no public transportation from Friday afternoon to Saturday at sundown. However, service cabs (see picture above) is private and is available.



  1. My name is Yongho Lee and I will be arriving at the airport around 9:00pm via Korean Airline. I need a shuttle service to my hotel, Hotel Weiss.

    • Dear Yongho lee,

      Thank you for your message.

      There will be shuttle services for conference participants from the airport to the hotels including Hotel Weiss.
      Should you need some more help do not hesitate to contact us.

      With best wishes,
      Ms. Liora Zalayet

  2. I am a speaker for ISAPA. I would like to know when do I pay for my double room at Wingate?

    Also, who will be picking me up and at what time by the shuttle from the Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion airport?

    • Dear Mr. Bridges,

      Thank you for your message.

      Concerning payment for your hotel room, I will ask our secretary and let you know ASAP.

      There will be shuttle services for conference participants from the airport to the hotels in Netanya.
      Shuttle services will run approximately every half an hour.

      if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      With best wishes,
      Liora Zalayet

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